Errare humanum est – Show Me Your Error!

As you work on your labs and get a tighter grip on databases, you’ll inevitably stumble now and then when instead of getting satisfying “Successfully executed!” messages, you’re hit with those dreaded, yet challenging red error ones. If you approach these (not so rare) occasions with curiosity and patience, you can transform them into amazing learning opportunities. And if you also document your journey through the realm of database errors, you can sign up for this competition and earn a 10 on the last lab assignment.

You’ll have to log in a file: the command that produced the error; the returned error message; an explanation of the error in your own words (concise, but complete; should be more or less detailed depending on the error message); your fix.

Submission deadline: November 26, 2023

Files to submit to

  • Group_LastName_FirstName_Log.docx – error log;
  • Group_LastName_FirstName_DbDiagram.png – database diagram.

Your submissions will be evaluated in terms of the number and diversity of errors, the explanations you provided, the fixes you proposed, document structure, writing style. Good luck!