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Erasmus Students

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September 27 – October 1
Students who opted for online classes because of medical reasons will attend the seminar with group 927 and the lab with semigroups 927/1 or 927/2. Contact the lab / seminar instructor for more details.

Lab 1
Lab 2

lab grades

lecture & seminar notes – Moodle (course Databases – Computer Science in English)
Lectures 1, 2, 3
Seminar 1

lecture / seminar / lab – Sabina

  • you’ve all been added to the Databases CS 2021-2022 (Sabina) team
  • lecture – TEAMS / YouTube / Skype, depending on the availability of the platform
  • seminar / lab – TEAMS / Skype

seminar / lab

To attend the exam in the examination / resit examination periods, a student must have at least 12 laboratory attendances and at least 5 seminar attendances, according to the Computer Science Department’s Decision.
Attendance checking for online seminars & labs – file sent at the end of the class; your seminar / lab instructor will provide more details.

written exam (W) – 50%
practical test (P) – 25%
lab grade (L) – 25%
* requirements to pass: W >= 5, P >= 5

At most 2 assignments can be delivered / lab.
One week of delay = 0.5p penalty.
Lab assignments cannot be delivered in the exam period.
At most 2 assignments can be delivered in the resit exam period, with a 35% penalty, only if the practical test is retaken.