Database Management Systems – Lab 1

  • assigned: weeks 1/2; due: weeks 5/6

Create a C# Windows Forms application that uses ADO.NET to interact with the database you developed in the 1st semester. The application must contain a form allowing the user to manipulate data in 2 tables that are in a 1:n relationship (parent table and child table). The application must provide the following functionalities:
– display all the records in the parent table;
– display the child records for a specific (i.e., selected) parent record;
– add / remove / update child records for a specific parent record.

You must use the DataSet and SqlDataAdapter classes. You are free to use any controls on the form.

Obs. If you don’t have a database from the previous semester, imagine a simple application that requires a database. Represent the application data in a relational structure and implement the structure in a SQL Server database. The database must contain at least: 10 tables, two 1:n relationships, one m:n relationship.