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Database Management Systems – Lab 1

  • assigned: weeks 1/2; due: weeks 5/6

Create a C# Windows Forms application that uses ADO.NET to interact with the database you developed in the 1st semester. The application must contain a form allowing the user to manipulate data in 2 tables that are in a 1:n relationship (parent table and child table).…


DBMSs Lab1 submission – reminder (921, 922/2)

Send the following files to sabinasurdu[at]gmail.com, until the beginning of the class:

  • the database (files [YourDB].mdf and [YourDB_log].ldf);
  • the database diagram (Group_LastNameFirstName_DBDiagram.jpg or .png);
  • the Windows Forms app for the 1st lab ( a .zip archive – Group_LastNameFirstName_Lab1.zip).

Don’t forget to add a phone number.…