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Database Management Systems – Practical Test Bonus

Simulate a series of SQL Injection attacks on one of your own databases / applications. Briefly describe prevention methods that can protect against your attacks.

Submission deadline: May 25, 2021

Submit a single file to with:

  • .png – DB schema;
  • .pdf – concise & complete description;
  • .mp4

Practical test bonus

  • 1st prize – the following students* earned an extra point on the practical test: Alexandrescu Andrei-Robert, Comănac Dragoș, Duma Horațiu, Moraru Dora, Petcu Carina, Pitic Bianca, Tudorescu Alexandra.
  • 2nd prize – the following students earned 0.75 points on the practical test: Bodica Septimiu, Groza Ionuț, Mag Manuela, Revnic Iulia.

Anunt Sisteme de gestiune a bazelor de date (Info en)

In atentia studentilor care doresc sa vina la examen pentru marirea notei la Sisteme de gestiune a bazelor de date

Va rog sa imi trimiteti un mail cat de repede (cel tarziu sambata, 4 iulie) si sa precizati proba la care doriti sa participati (scris si / sau practic), pentru a estima numarul necesar de subiecte pentru fiecare proba.…


Databases – lab 5 (Computer Science)

Lab 5. Indexes

  • assigned: week 11; due: week 12

Work on 3 tables of the form Ta(aid, a2, …), Tb(bid, b2, …), Tc(cid, aid, bid, …), where:

  • aid, bid, cid, a2, b2 are integers;
  • the primary keys are underlined;
  • a2 is UNIQUE in Ta;
  • aid and bid are foreign keys in Tc, referencing the primary keys in Ta and Tb, respectively.