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Practical test bonus

  • 1st prize – the following students* earned an extra point on the practical test: Alexandrescu Andrei-Robert, Comănac Dragoș, Duma Horațiu, Moraru Dora, Petcu Carina, Pitic Bianca, Tudorescu Alexandra.
  • 2nd prize – the following students earned 0.75 points on the practical test: Bodica Septimiu, Groza Ionuț, Mag Manuela, Revnic Iulia.

Databases – lab 5 (Computer Science)

Lab 5. Indexes

  • assigned: week 11; due: week 12

Work on 3 tables of the form Ta(aid, a2, …), Tb(bid, b2, …), Tc(cid, aid, bid, …), where:

  • aid, bid, cid, a2, b2 are integers;
  • the primary keys are underlined;
  • a2 is UNIQUE in Ta;
  • aid and bid are foreign keys in Tc, referencing the primary keys in Ta and Tb, respectively.

Databases – lab 4 (Computer Science)

Lab 4. Database Testing

  • assigned: week 8; due: week 11

After you finished designing your database, the development team is interested in assessing the performance of your design. To record different test configurations and results, you create the following relational structure:

Tests – holds data about different tests;
Tables – holds data about tables that can take part in tests;
TestTables – junction table between Tests and Tables (which tables take part in which tests);
Views – holds data about a set of views from the database, used to assess the performance of certain SQL queries;
TestViews – junction table between Tests and Views (which views take part in which tests);
TestRuns contains data about different test runs;
– a test can be run multiple times; running test T involves:

  • deleting the data from test T’s tables, in the order specified by the Position field in table TestTables;
  • inserting data into test T’s tables in reverse deletion order; the number of records to insert into each table is stored in the NoOfRows field in table TestTables;
  • evaluating test T’s views;

TestRunTables – contains performance data for INSERT operations for each table in each test run;
TestRunViews – contains performance data for each view in each test run.…


Databases – lab 2 (Computer Science)

Lab 2. SQL Queries

  • assigned: week 3; due: week 6

On the relational structure created for the first lab, write SQL statements that:

  • insert data – for at least 4 tables; at least one statement must violate referential integrity constraints;
  • update data – for at least 3 tables;
  • delete data – for at least 2 tables.

Databases – lab 3 (Computer Science)

Lab 3. Altering the Database

  • assigned: week 6; due: week 8

Sometimes, after you design a database, you need to change its structure. Unfortunately, changes aren’t correct every time, so they must be reverted. Your task is to create a versioning mechanism that allows you to easily switch between database versions.…


Databases – lab 1 (Computer Science)

Lab 1. Database Design

  • assigned: week 1; due: week 3

Imagine a simple application that requires a database. Represent the application data in a relational structure and implement the structure in a SQL Server database. The database must contain at least: 10 tables, two 1:n relationships, one m:n relationship.…


Anunt Baze de date (Info en)

In atentia studentilor care doresc sa vina la examen pentru marirea notei la Baze de date

Va rog sa imi trimiteti un mail cat de repede (cel tarziu vineri, 14 februarie, la ora 12:00) si sa precizati proba la care doriti sa participati (scris si / sau practic), pentru a estima numarul necesar de:

  • locuri in sala
  • subiecte pentru fiecare proba
  • supraveghetori
  • corectori.

Note Baze de date (Info en)

Am trecut notele la Baze de date (Informatica engleza) in Academic Info pentru grupa 922 (care a sustinut examenul azi, 4 februarie 2020). Va puteti vedea lucrarile in 6 februarie la ora 8:00, la Facultatea de Drept, in sala A320.

Cei care vor sa-si vada lucrarea sa imi trimita un mail pana in 5 februarie la ora 18:00.…


Note Baze de date (Info en)

Am trecut notele la Baze de date (Informatica engleza) in Academic Info pentru grupele care au sustinut examenul in 29 ianuarie 2020 (miercuri): 924, 925. Va puteti vedea lucrarile la Facultatea de Drept, in sala A320:
– grupa 924: in 5 februarie, la ora 8:00;
– grupa 925: in 6 februarie, la ora 8:00.…