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Databases – Practical exam bonus (Computer Science)

You can earn an extra point on the practical exam if you submit an interesting, original query to sabina@cs.ubbcluj.ro. The query must be useful to a potential user.
Submission deadline: November 6, 2019
Files to submit:
* Group_StudentLastName_StudentFirstName_Query.sql – query + short description;
* Group_StudentLastName_StudentFirstName_DbDiagram.png – database diagram.…


Practical exam bonus

The following students earned an extra point on the practical exam (alphabetical order): Adascalitei Alexandru, Cseke Alpar, Deaconu Andrei, Farauanu Ionut, Fitero Isabela, Georgescu Stefan Paul, Gingu Ionut Viorel, Goteciuc Gabriel, Irimia Cristiana, Marcu Alexandru, Mesesan Patricia, Naiman Alexandru, Narita Gheorghe-Marcel, Pasca Vanessa.

Congratulations to all participants, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂…