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FLCT – lab 5 (bonus)

Lab5 – assigned in week 13, due in week 14

Use of LEX and YACC

You may use any version (LEX or FLEX)

1) Write a LEX specification containing the regular expressions corresponding to your language specification.

2) Use Lex in order to obtain a scanner.…


FLCT – lab 4

Lab4 – assigned in week (lab) 9, due in week (lab) 13


Students will work in teams of 2.

One of the following parsing methods will be chosen:
1.a. recursive descent…


FLCT – lab 3

Lab3 – assigned in week 7, due in week 9

Context-free grammars

Starting from the (E)BNF syntax rules from Lab 1, construct the context free grammar corresponding to your mini-language to be used in parsing.…


FLCT – lab 2

Lab2 – assigned in week 5, due in week 7

Regular grammars and finite automata

Write a program that:
1. reads a grammar (from the keyboard and from a file);
2. displays the elements of a grammar, using a menu: the set of non-terminals, the set of terminals, the set of productions, the productions of a given non-terminal symbol;


FLCT – lab 1

Lab1 – assigned in week 1, due in week 5

Considering a small programming language (a mini-language), you have to write a scanner (lexical analyzer). The assignment contains two parts:

1. The mini-language specification

The mini-language should be a restricted form of a known programming language and should contain the following:…